Hi, I am Rishanki Jain, Graduate  student of ‘Masters in Business Analytics’ at Oklahoma State university, Stillwater.  Currently I’m working as Data Scientist with Comcast Pvt Ltd, PA.

I have worked as a Data Analyst with approximately 2 years of experience in Market Research back in India and as a Summer Intern at Comcast, (Headquarters). 

I have gained experience on working with petabytes of data for Telecom, Retail. Media, Healthcare industries. Building predictive models and doing deep drive analysis with supervised command over technologies like  Hive, Hadoop, Python, Teradata, SAS, R, Tableau, SQL, Linux.

This technical blog is just my gateway to pitch in new things I learn and apply all in one catalog. It gives me my own sense of gradual  improvement from one level to another.
Blogging about new developments excites me. And yes when I’m not blogging, doing assignments, part-time and lectures I love dancing ,swimming and meditation . They are my favorite relaxation exercises which rejuvenate the whole soul.

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